Picture of the Day ~ July 2nd



Isn’t this just Breathtaking!! I would so love to get Married or have a Vow renewal here! *Sigh* What about you? I’d love to hear from you.

Gorgeous #wedding setup at @huracancafe in #Puntacana photo via~ http://lacedinweddings.tumblr.com

puntacana wedding 
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Pantone Colors Fall 2016

  1. Hello My Lovelies! How are you all doing? I hope you’re all enjoying the (unofficial) beginning of Summer! Or as we call it in Michigan, Orange cone season lol! I am such a Summer Baby it isn’t even funny. Camping, Bonfires, Swimming, Gardening! I could go on & on. And I’ve missed you guys Soooo much! I’ve been fighting with my health these last couple months. And I’ll keep on fighting 😉. And I am so happy that I feel good enough to write again! ❤☝ And just in time too! Pantone recently released their Color Report for Fall 2016 & their Top 10 picks. And of course I’m in Love lol.

Pantone Top 10 Colors Fall 2016 – via Pantone.com

Riverside Blue, Airy Blue, Sharkskin Grey, Aurora Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, Lush Green, Potter’s Clay, Spicy Mustard and Bodacious Lavender. *Sigh* They’re all so pretty. This is the first time since I started keeping up with Pantone that I can honestly say I really love all the colors on this list! I’ve liked the others for sure, but like a regular person would, there were a color or two that I thought were pretty but not my favorite. This list I’m just crushing over! 💖😍 Here are some Inspiration Boards for you to Swoon & Crush on….












~♡Airy Blue♡~










~♡Sharkskin Grey♡~









~♡Aurora Red♡~









~♡Warm Taupe♡~










~♡Dusty Cedar♡~




2016-06-09 21.36.38






~♡Lush Meadow♡~

Lush Meadow1




Lush Meadow2






~♡Potter’s Clay♡~

2016-06-09 21.37.49



2016-06-09 21.37.24






~♡Spicy Mustard♡~

2016-06-09 21.40.03


2016-06-09 21.38.35






~♡Bodacious Lavender♡~

2016-06-09 21.43.50



2016-06-09 21.42.09









Red for Spring!

Ah yes my lovlies! This is a blog post with my favor-ite color in the world! I have loved it my whole life! Oh sure, I love lots of colors, all colors in fact. Color crushes come & go but my true love for the color of Love has never faded. And since Christmas & Valentine’s Day have come & gone,  everyone is looking ahead to Spring and all the lush pretty pastels. Which I love as well. But it seems I’m having some major red withdrawal. So I implore you all to not leave gorgeous red behind as we dive into Spring. Don’t wait for Summer to bring back the beauty of red hues. After all, Pantone Fiesta is a color for Spring 2016. Got it? Ok? Good! 😆 Here are some ways to incorporate red into your next Springtime Soiree & A lil bit of Dapper for your day. Peace! ✌💋❤😆❤

















🌻 Lorie Lee 🌻

Pantone Wedding Color Inspiration 2015 Part 1


Hello all! How was your weekend? Mine was Fantabulous!! I spent Saturday with my oldest picking out her wedding gown & cake! I’m still on cloud 1000 lol! I’d love nothing more than to post tons of pics, but I decided that would be best left until After the actuall wedding. (Don’t want someone seeing things they’re not supposed too) It is Her big day. So Mommy is trying very hard to let it be All hers  🙂 I will say she has the greatest fashion sense so I know anything she picks is going to be fabulous.

Since this blogging thing is pretty new to me, I figured I might start things off by doing a series on the list of wedding colors by Pantone for 2015. If you don’t know, Pantone is THE color expert supreme. Every designer worth their salt follow their “Color Reports” every season, and they also pick One “Color of the Year” (aka the “it” color). The big name designers also vote on it too, which I think is really cool. You can see for yourself at pantone.com if you’d like :). So if you’re trying to figure out what colors you want for your Big Day, it is a great reference guide. And if you already know your colors, but are in a planning rut or don’t know what colors coordinate with your main choice, maybe this will be the inspiration you need! I hope this helps. To start things off is Pantone’s color of the year ~ Marsala.


I was so happy when Pantone announced the color of the year. Mostly because my fav color on the planet is Red lol. So, anything red will pretty much make my day. This shade is named for the color of the wine whose roots are in Italy. It’s a beautiful deep shade that is pretty versatile. I don’t think the color swatch pantone used for it is very flattering unfortunately. It is such a pretty color when you see it applied in real life.



See? Isn’t it gorgeous? According to Pantone Marsala is ” Equally appealing to men and women, Marsala is a stirring and flavorful shade” and ” Flattering against many skin tones, sultry and subtle Marsala is a great go-to color for beauty.”  It is great to use as your main foucus.



And of course, don’t forget the guys


It adds such a warm mood & tone to any setting. If your taste doesn’t lean towards the darker side of the color wheel, you can also use it as an accent to brightened up pretty pastels as well.



I have to say though, my favorite is pairing Marsala with pretty neutrals & metallic hues.



It just seems to add a cozy feel to anything really. I also think if you are not really feeling like adding any red shades to your wardrobe or decor, you can use Marsala for you or your Maids & Mums makeup looks.





I know Marsala probably won’t be the next big color craze anytime soon. But to me that just adds to the charm. It’s different, unexpected, but warm and inviting at the same time. Well I hope this helped some of you on your Big Day color quest. What do you think of The Color of the Year? What colors do you think it would look good with? Let me know in the comments! And hope to see y’all next time when the color I’ll be showing is Strawberry Ice 🙂 Remember to always add a lil Dapper to your everyday! ❤