4th of July Weddings

Hello my lovelies!! And a huge Happy 4th of July Weekend to you all! I hope you had an awesome Holiday! For anyone not in The USA that might be reading this, The 4th of July is the day that my country celebrates the signing of our “Declaration of Independence” and essentially became the USA. It’s my favorite non-religious holiday for a lot of reasons- (Red!) And I promise not to bore y’all to death with all that lol. So in honor of my Homeland, I decided to do a post dedicated to the best Holiday of the summer! That way you all can see just how versatile the good ‘ole red, white & blue can be! Hopefully this will help a Bride, Maid or Mum out & get those creative juices flowing! Enjoy the Dapper y’all!



































4th july wedding


I don’t know about you, but a 4th of July themed wedding would be so awesome! And even a bit easier on your wallet with so many decorations already available! I’m really loving the “Heart Shoes”  & those Adorable Flower Girl Dresses 🙂 What one(s) were your favs? Would you consider a 4th of July wedding? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Well, that’s all for now Lovelies. See y’all on the flip side!

🌻Lorie Lee 🌻



Picture of the Day ~ July 2nd



Isn’t this just Breathtaking!! I would so love to get Married or have a Vow renewal here! *Sigh* What about you? I’d love to hear from you.

Gorgeous #wedding setup at @huracancafe in #Puntacana photo via~ http://lacedinweddings.tumblr.com

puntacana wedding 
See ya on the flip side 😊
🌻Lorie Lee 🌻  

Elegant Sunflowers

Was so Inspired by this absolutely gorgeous sunflower wedding cake. Via~ Collin Cowie Weddings & Ben The Cake Guy.


Isn’t just gorgeous?! Have a great weekend everyone! And a Happy Father’s day to all the Awesomely Dads & Dads-to-be!  🌻🌻🌻🌻😄❤

Pantone Colors Fall 2016

  1. Hello My Lovelies! How are you all doing? I hope you’re all enjoying the (unofficial) beginning of Summer! Or as we call it in Michigan, Orange cone season lol! I am such a Summer Baby it isn’t even funny. Camping, Bonfires, Swimming, Gardening! I could go on & on. And I’ve missed you guys Soooo much! I’ve been fighting with my health these last couple months. And I’ll keep on fighting 😉. And I am so happy that I feel good enough to write again! ❤☝ And just in time too! Pantone recently released their Color Report for Fall 2016 & their Top 10 picks. And of course I’m in Love lol.

Pantone Top 10 Colors Fall 2016 – via Pantone.com

Riverside Blue, Airy Blue, Sharkskin Grey, Aurora Red, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, Lush Green, Potter’s Clay, Spicy Mustard and Bodacious Lavender. *Sigh* They’re all so pretty. This is the first time since I started keeping up with Pantone that I can honestly say I really love all the colors on this list! I’ve liked the others for sure, but like a regular person would, there were a color or two that I thought were pretty but not my favorite. This list I’m just crushing over! 💖😍 Here are some Inspiration Boards for you to Swoon & Crush on….












~♡Airy Blue♡~










~♡Sharkskin Grey♡~









~♡Aurora Red♡~









~♡Warm Taupe♡~










~♡Dusty Cedar♡~




2016-06-09 21.36.38






~♡Lush Meadow♡~

Lush Meadow1




Lush Meadow2






~♡Potter’s Clay♡~

2016-06-09 21.37.49



2016-06-09 21.37.24






~♡Spicy Mustard♡~

2016-06-09 21.40.03


2016-06-09 21.38.35






~♡Bodacious Lavender♡~

2016-06-09 21.43.50



2016-06-09 21.42.09









Creative Reception Table Numbers

Hello my sweets! I hope you all are having a great weekend so far. As you can probably guess, this post is about some awesome, creative ways to display the table numbers at your reception.
Really they can be used for any party or gathering you may be planning.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with wedding/party planning; Table Numbers are used so that your guests can easily find where they are supposed to sit. When you figure out the seating arrangement for everyone, you make individual cards or “escort cards” for each person with the table number & their name on them to put on display. Usually near the entrance to the venue is the best place.

I have heard & read that it is starting to be more of a trend to not have guests “assigned” to certain seats. And I totally get that. I personally did not have them at my wedding. But then again, I didn’t know about it either! I believe there are quite a few good reasons why you might want to have a seating arrangement: It makes counting how many people you’re serving a meal to easier. It helps take away the anxiety of making your guests have to guess where they should sit. On the more extreme end, you or your soon-to-be spouse might have family that just cannot sit near each other without fighting, ect. Heck, maybe you want to just for the fun decorative aspect! It makes your guests feel more involved in your big day to know you made a special place “just for them” at your dinner! And you don’t have to be throwing a party with 200+ guests to want to have a special place for them when they arrive. Either way, I do know when you’re in the middle of planning it is sometimes hard to come up with neat & fun ideas. I can easily do it for others but when it’s for Me I draw a blank lol. So hopefully this will help someone get their creative juices flowing. And maybe you will see something you might have not thought of on your own. I sure know I found a few I would’ve not thought about! Get your pin it buttons ready!

*warning, this post it picture heavy*

(All photos via Pinterest & Etsy.com & are credited to their original artists)











~Luminaries or Candles~







~Picture Frames~



















~Antique or Mismatched Mirrors~






~Old Photos of the Couple or of Their Families~
*I love the idea of using what year the photo was taken as the Table Number! Too cute!*






*Either places you want to go or use photos of places you have been together*






~Vinyl Records~






~Plates and/or Tea Cups~








~Topiary or Greens~






~Message in a Bottle~
*Perfect for Nautical or Beach Themes*











~A Picture of The Number Drawn in Sand~






~Old License Plates~
*I never would have come up with this! But I love it!*











~Comic Book / Pop Art~





~Steampunk Victorian~





~Agate/Geodes Gemstone~





Are those pretty awesome or what?? I personally LOVE the agate & gemstones. But they’re all so cool! I hope this gives you some ideas for your party or event. For me it really helps to see things put together & draw my ideas from there 🙂 What ones were your favs? Do you have any unique ideas you’d like to tell me about? What did you do for your Table Numbers & Escort Cards? I’d love to hear them! 🙂  *All of these ideas can be DYI’ed if you want to. But almost all of them are also available on Etsy.com for your convinence*  See ya next time!

Peace ✌

❀ Lorie Lee ❀