My Top 5 Tips For Wedding Gown Shopping

Hello my beauties! Well if you’re reading this post, then that probably means you have already read other articles about helping you find the “perfect” gown for your big day. And that’s a good thing! The more you know about the whole gown shopping process, the better your chances are of having an awesome experience & finding your gown that much faster. And just like with most everything in life, the knowledge you do acquire needs to be correct for it to do you any good. And that very thing is what has inspired me to write this post.

I have read sooooo many posts & articles that claim to know the true secret to finding your dream gown but most of the time they are anything but helpful. It seems like about 95-98% of them are just trying to sell you something or another. Leaving you wondering half way through the article if they ever plan on telling you this big secret or not. And that’s just plain annoying. No one has time to read pointless bridal articles when there’s a ton of other things we need to do. So let’s get to it! 🙂


5. Make sure you know your measurements before you start shopping. ~ When it comes to dress shopping, knowing your size doesn’t mean a thing. Ya know that scene in Men in Black where K and J are descending into the alien check-in point and J sees for the 1st time how many aliens there really are and K says to him, “Ok slick, but as of right now, all your ‘skillz’ mean squat!”? Yeah, it’s kinda like that. Every designer has their own size chart, and even certain gowns by the same designer will have a separate size chart from the rest of the collection! So to save not only time, but also to save yourself from being shocked by the fact your dress is 3 sizes bigger than you’ve ever worn before, it’s just better to know your measurements before you get started. This would be a very good time to remember size is just a number. How you look & feel in your gown is waaay more important than the size on the tag. In addition, I highly recommend having someone else measure you. Even if your fully capable of doing it. It’s your wedding gown, and a little one inch mistake could be the difference between ‘Happy ever after’ & disaster. So just don’t risk it. It’s not worth it.


4. Have an open mind when trying on dresses. I know you have probably heard this one a lot. And there’s a very good reason for that, because it is totally true! I myself have experienced this when bridal gown shopping. I was totally set against a strapless gown, but my daughter wanted me to try one on for her. So I did, and I Loved It! It’s a good thing to go to your bridal appointment with an idea of what you want. But also be prepared to try on different styles. Another thing I experienced dress shopping that surprised me a bit was a lot of the gowns I fell in love with online looked totally different in person. So while I was looking through the racks, I jotted down the names & style numbers of gowns I loved “in person” at the store. Then when I got home I looked them up. I did this mainly because I kept saying to myself, “how come I didn’t see this gorgeous gown on so&so’s website?” I could of sworn I looked at them all, more than once! Well guess what!? I actually HAD seen them before! And had scrolled right by them without a second thought. I couldn’t believe it. So go to your appointment and be prepared to be surprised. Those dresses really do look different in person AND on a person. If you go in with an open mind, there will be less stress for you because your not limiting yourself to something that might not be what you really want. Trying to force yourself to stick with a certain type of dress will only make you frustrated & more anxious than you already are.


3. Don’t be afraid to look at non-bridal gowns. Yep, you read that right! Non-Bridal gowns can be some of the most beautiful you’ll ever see. Evening gowns, Bridesmaid gowns, Moms gowns, Prom gowns, you name it! (I love ’em all if ya can’t tell lol). With more and more brides breaking away from the white & ivory traditional gowns and opting for some color, it just makes sense to look at gowns other than a regular bridal gown. And a lot of the time these gowns are much easier on your budget. The wedding industry is just that – an industry. You take a simple white or ivory lace maxi dress and stick the word ‘bridal’ on it & the price shoots up about 5X’s what it originally cost. So if your on a tight budget or just cannot see yourself spending $1000 for a gown you’ll wear once, then this is a great alternative. And don’t you worry about people “knowing” your gown isn’t bridal. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts they won’t know a thing unless you tell them! Besides, if you go have a look on some of the big name wedding websites, the articles they post of real weddings are just chock full of high praises for the fashion-forward brides who dared to wear something non-bridal. So just keep this in mind if you’re having issues finding your perfect gown. Because it might just end up not being “Bridal” at all! 🙂


2. Be very picky about who you take to your appointment. If you have watched ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ at all, you know how awful & painful it is to have someone at a bridal appointment that isn’t putting the bride-to-be ahead of themselves. If you haven’t seen the show, I’m pretty sure it’s not that hard for you to imagine. It isn’t pretty. No matter who or how important the person is ~ Mom, Sis, Dad, BFF, whoever! If you feel like this person isn’t going to be supportive & helpful to you Then Do Not Take Them With You! If for some reason you must, such as they’re the ones paying for the dress for example, then you need to be realistic about it. Don’t expect that they will magically change who they are and start agreeing with everything you think when they never have before. Yes, it would be very nice if they did because it’s your wedding and they should care enough about your big day to bite their tongue for once. But don’t expect them to. If you do your just setting yourself up for disappointment, tears & drama. All of which you do not need right now. Do yourself a huge favor and leave the “drama mamas & bridezillas” on TV where they belong 😉


And my #1 biggest helpful tip is ~ Research, Research, Research!
Let’s face it. If you are old enough & mature enough to be getting married, then you should already know this simple fact of life. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. And believe you me, this is the gospel of wedding dress shopping! Especially if you are ordering your gown online! Research the heck out of those stores & boutiques before you even slightly consider making a purchase. Even some bigger name wedding shops go through times when they might not have the best manager & things aren’t what they used to be. And this is also why when you’re researching the heck out of it, you need to make sure your info is the most recent. Sometimes it can happen the other way around as well. A store may have not been run very well 2 yrs ago, but now they’re a 5 star boutique. You just have to be so careful where & who you buy from. And even then things can happen. So do your best to protect yourself & your future spouse by knowing everything you can about it. And when in doubt – google it! Their image search function is a really awesome way to find out who the original designer of a gown is. By doing this, you’ll also get to see what stores are out there trying to pass the gown off as their own. Another way to search gown images is the app “Similar Images” on Apple & Android. It’s a free app. It’s what I use to find the designers of the gowns I feature here on my blog. I can honestly say, it may seem like a lot of tedious work, but think about what hell you’d be going through if you order your gown & something goes wrong and you don’t have the time or money to fix it? A couple hours of research is totally worth not going through that kind of disaster. And if you’re just not so great at that kind of thing, enlist one of your maids, your mom or someone else to do the research for you. I bet they’d be more than happy that you asked them for help with finding your gown!


There we have it. My 5 top tips for successfully shopping for your wedding gown. I hope you found this info useful and maybe a bit different from what you mostly see out there. And a big huge Thank You to anyone who read this all the way through! Good Luck on your hunt & many blessings to you on this grand adventure of wedding planning 🙂 Take care. And I’ll see ya next time on the flip. 💖👰✌

🌻 Lorie Lee 🌻

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