Dapper Inspiration ~ Tropical Weddings

    Hello Lovelies! Happy November! Hope you all had an awesome Halloween. Besides the rain, we had a perfect day for tricks & treats! At least it wasn’t snow! Right? lol. So now it is unofficially ‘Holiday Season’ in my neck of the woods. But being the perpetual summer baby that I am, I cannot, nor will I acknowledge anything that relates to that certain opposite season of Summer…..just yet. So to appease my longing for anything Summer-like, I am inspired to share today some inspiration for tropical/destination/beach weddings. So grab a Mai Tai & join me, won’t you? 😆🌴🌺


Blue Floral Watercolor Wedding. Songjiang Wonderland Continental Hotel & Resort ~ Near Shanghai, China


Red & Pink Winter Tropical Wedding. The Royal Hawaiian Hotel ~ Hawaii, USA

I know, I know, I said the “W” word! Don’t worry, I put a dollar in the swear jar already…. 😆👍


Aqua Royal Blue & Gold Wedding. Savannah Beach, USA


Fuchsia & Purple Fiesta Wedding at Hacienda Cocina Y Cantina in Mexico


Sunshine Yellow & Purple Hawaiian Wedding. Aloha Weddings in Hawaii, USA


Sea Glass & Lavender Wedding. By SandPetalweddings.com in Flordia, USA

Definitely wanting to dip my toes in the sand now! See y’all on the flip! 😆💖✌

🌻 Lorie Lee 🌻


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