Jean-Ralph Thurin ~ Spring 2016 Bridal Collection

Happy Saturday My Dears! Have I got a treat for you today! 😁❤ I came across a wedding gown designer of the most inspiring sort. Not only are Mr. Jean’s gowns totally to die for, but where he gets his inspiration for his collections is just so unique! I know most designers use different inspirations in their collections, but the ones Jean picks are just so different to me. For example, his current Fall 2015 collection was inspired by the delicate details of Fabergé Eggs. How unique is that? I love it! (if ya couldn’t already tell lol). That and a lot of times it is really hard to see the inspiration when looking at the gowns. But not here! I can honestly say the inspiration is very evident in these gorgeous creations :mrgreen:.
His newest Spring 2016 collection is inspired by all the different “Bond Girls” from the 007 James Bond series of movies. Soooo freaking awesome because I loooove James Bond movies! Daniel Craig, Shawn Connery & Eva Green~ Hello!! 💖💖💖 So get your Pinterest buttons warmed up….here we go!….


"Vesper Lynd"


"Tatiana Romanova"


"Honey Rider"


"Melina Havelock"


"Paris Carver"


"Electra King"




"Anya Amasova"



Ok. There ya have it. Some of the most beautiful women ever played Bond Girls. What an iconic concept for wedding gowns! I know a lot of women who would love to be a Bond Girl for day, I sure would lol. Plus the gowns are beyond gorgeous so that helps too 👌👌
I sure hope you enjoyed this post. See all you lovelies next time! Have a great rest of the weekend ! :):)💖💖♌

ƸӜƷ Lorie Lee ƸӜƷ

For more info & to check out all the full collections please visit
All photos are from his website.


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