Dapper Inspiration ~ Neon Edition

Hello Loves! I come to you today with bright gifts of neon eye candy! Being an 80’s child, such as I am, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for neon colors. But I’ve really never known anyone who was getting married to say “I can’t wait to show you my neon dress!” Or “Why yes, my wedding colors are neon fushia & chartreuse”. So when I happened upon a couple inspiration boards for a neon wedding, on theperfectpalette.com, I was very pleasantly surprised!

I would like to say that The Perfect Palette is just about the best wedding & party color source on the web. Finding this website while I was planning my own wedding 5 yrs ago was what got me intetested in this type of work in the first place. So Thank you so much Chrissy~ you rock girl!

Of course neon isn’t for everybody. But it can be very pretty & romantic if done right ☺
Here are the boards from The Perfect Palette:


~via theperfectpalette.com

Surprised how pretty they are?? I sure was. I was definitely not expecting to Love them! But I really do! Though there isn’t much that she does that I DON’T love. 💖💖
So of course this piqued my interest and I Googled “neon wedding”. Holy moly what I found lol. Jackpot! So here are my versions of a Neon Wedding. (note: I highly recommend listening to Wham! and/or Duran Duran while viewing these 😉 🎧🎵)






What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Or would you just rather neon go back home to the 80’s with ET where they belong? lol. I’d love it if y’all left me a comment! Personally I love the Electric Blue Board. Honestly, this has been the most fun I’ve had writing a post so far 🙂 Ok, see everyone next time!

ƸӜƷ Lorie Lee ƸӜƷ


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