Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding @ St Clair Centre for the Arts

Love this! So gorgeous no words to it justice 🙂

This wedding was as creative and personal as it was beautiful. Melissa and Adam had decided on a Great Gatsby-inspired theme, working with Marz for lighting and special effects and Compliments G’lor for decor to bring their theme to life. A palette of soft amber, rose gold, ivory and glittering gold tablecloths made the ballrooms of St Clair Centre for the Arts sparkle. An elegant string light canopy framed the head table, with chandeliers adding an additional touch of glamour. In the corner sat a shining black Mustang convertible, which served as the feature of the couple’s grand entrance. A dramatic choreographed entrance spearheaded by Marz featured the couple “driving” into the ballroom, complete with the roaring noise of a car. The wedding party danced their way to the head table to the song “All of the Lights” by Kanye West and Rihanna. Once the dance party got started, Marz broke out…

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