Gorgeous Bridesmaids, Mothers Dresses that are Actually Affordible

Hello my sweets! How are you? Happy first week of Spring! 🙂 Even though it’s snowing at my house right now lol lol. Oh well, at least it’s Techincally Spring! I am taking a bit of a break from my Pantone Colors of 2015 series. I was starting to feel like I was writing the same post over & over again. (I call it the groundhog day effect lol)  But don’t worry, I will definitely finish it 🙂 Since Spring is officially wedding season, I figured there would be lots of Brides, Maids & Mums on the hunt for wedding party attire. Myself included. And one thing I discovered on this hunt? It’s 10X’s Harder to pick out a MOB dress than picking my own wedding gown ever was! I won’t bore y’all to death with a list of reasons why. But I will say it’s been a challenge. One I plan on winning! 🙂  Therefore, I thought it would be a good time for a post with some pretty eye candy, that is actually affordible too, yay! I’m only listing dresses I’ve found recently and are as of the date of this post still available. So grab a drink, sit back And I hope you enjoy! ❤ ❤ PhotoGrid_1427228292186 These lovelies are the “Annabell” gown by Jenny Yoo. They’re a Chiffon convertible dress that are just so dreamy and very much On Trend right now. One that I don’t see going away very soon!  They are available at Nordstrom.com or Jennyyoo.com and run $260.00 to $300.00 Another convertable dress is the “Classic” wpid-photogrid_1427229191425.jpg From Twobirdsbridesmaid.com ~ This sweet gown is a poly/jersey blend and also come in a ton of colors. But it also comes in 3 lengths. Cool beans, huh? Even sweeter is the ladies at “Two Birds” are the ones who designed the original convertible gown! You can be sure they know their stuff 🙂 $260.00 – $300.00 ea. PhotoGrid_1427467702697 These gorgeous perfect for Spring/Summer dresses are also a big wedding trend as of late, printed floral frocks are popping up all over. I for one am loving it! ❤ I found these on Nordstrom.com for $158.00 ea. by Eliza J. (I’m considering these for myself for my daughters wedding in May) wpid-04328358_zi_flamingo_pink.jpg This adorable dress is from Dilliards.com and would be perfect for Maids or Mums or even Junior Maids. I can just see how pretty & flowing this would be while they’re walking around & dancing 🙂 Another couple of loveies from Dillards.com ~ 04381002_zi_aqua Jessica Howard V-Neck Mesh Gown with Delicate Beading at the Waist. In Aqua $120.00 ea. I really like how this dress is a traditional style with a touch of modern flair. wpid-04412577_zi_pale_pink.jpg This number is just as affordable as it is cute. It’s hard to tell from the picutre, but it has just a bit of bling too! Preston & York “Felicia” Lace Sheath Dress in 5 flirty colors, $99.00 ea. wpid-zjmca1dsdi_unique_vintage_1930s_style_navy_blue_floral_chiffon_bergman_maxi_dress.jpg Now here’s a show stopper! 1930’s style Bergman Chiffon Maxi ~ Oh so pretty. I love the barely there butterfly sleeves 🙂 The colors are right on point as well. You can get this at Uniquevintage.com for $148.00. wpid-photogrid_1427233593965.jpgf5c767b31c9ed338d189bacbb0936d98



This awesome group of gowns are from ModCloth.com ~ One of my Absolute Favorite websites for unique dresses & clothing. I literally could spend Hours on there looking at pretties 🙂 As you can see, they have a ton of too cute dresses! I really recommend it, esp if your wedding is vintage/retro/boho. The dresses shown here run from $54.00 to $189.00 ea.

This stunner is Eliza J Embellished Jacquard Fit & Flare Dress from Nordstrom.com $198.00 ea. I’m truly a sucker for a pretty jacquard gown lol.

Next is also Eliza J from Nordstrom.com ~
Embellished Tiered Chiffon Halter Gown in 12 gorgeous wedding ready colors. $198.00 ea.

This group of beauties are from DavidsBridal.com in their White by Vera Wang collection. How stunning are these? But guess what? They’re ALL just $59.99-$79.99!! That’s right! Vera Wang for $60 Bucks! I almost fell off my chair lol lol.

And last, but certainly not least ~
PhotoGrid_1427249311621 I
Are also from DavidsBridal.com from their DB collection. And are only $39.99-$49.99! Your guests would Never guess, so so pretty!

Well, I hope this has helped someone on their hunt today 🙂 Believe me, I know how fustrating it can get. If you find your self feeling like that, just try to remember; it is the memories you make while wearing these beauties is what counts. Don’t stress out your ladies or yourself so much that finding their dresses loses it’s charm. As the great Coco Chanel said~~

Have fun! And as always, Don’t forget to add a little Dapper to your everyday! See y’all next time! ❤
♥☼ Lorie Lee ♥☼


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