MARZ Lights Up It’s A Swanky Affair and Hiram Walker Brand Centre for the 2015 Wedding Extravaganza

Beautiful job! You can do a lot with just a little light! 🙂

One of the great parts of the Wedding Extravaganza is collaborating with other vendors, bringing gorgeous lighting to their booth to highlight what they do.

This year, we once again worked with It’s A Swanky Affair to highlight their gorgeous decor. Owner Dhyana Moore created a glamorous booth, with a silver-accented tables framed by soft swags of ivory draping.

WE15 SM-34WE15 SM-37WE15 SM-38

We also had the chance to work with Karen Smallwood of the Hiram Walker Brand Centre, and played off the classic elegance of her booth with amber uplighting, giving the booth a warm glow reminiscent of candlelight.

WE15 SM-41WE15 SM-44

Both of these booths demonstrate how versatile lighting can be, creating two very different moods – from the glamorous, feminine feel provided by soft pink uplighting and subtle detail highlights, to the romantic warm wash of amber lighting for a more classic feel. Whatever your style, we have the lighting to bring your event…

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