MARZ Lights Up It’s A Swanky Affair and Hiram Walker Brand Centre for the 2015 Wedding Extravaganza

Beautiful job! You can do a lot with just a little light! 🙂

One of the great parts of the Wedding Extravaganza is collaborating with other vendors, bringing gorgeous lighting to their booth to highlight what they do.

This year, we once again worked with It’s A Swanky Affair to highlight their gorgeous decor. Owner Dhyana Moore created a glamorous booth, with a silver-accented tables framed by soft swags of ivory draping.

WE15 SM-34WE15 SM-37WE15 SM-38

We also had the chance to work with Karen Smallwood of the Hiram Walker Brand Centre, and played off the classic elegance of her booth with amber uplighting, giving the booth a warm glow reminiscent of candlelight.

WE15 SM-41WE15 SM-44

Both of these booths demonstrate how versatile lighting can be, creating two very different moods – from the glamorous, feminine feel provided by soft pink uplighting and subtle detail highlights, to the romantic warm wash of amber lighting for a more classic feel. Whatever your style, we have the lighting to bring your event…

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~ 5 Best Wedding Invitation Websites ~

     Hello World! Since this is my first post, I wanted to say hello to all the Lovelies out there 🙂 So how are you all doing? I hope you had an awesome new years’. Mine was great! I decided to do this Blog mainly for 2 reasons. First off, when I started planning my wedding a few years ago, I fell head-over-heels in love with all the beauty of weddings. When it came time to stop planning, I just couldn’t….I was hooked! Secondly, Weddings are soooo expensive! I wanted to help fellow Brides, Maids, Moms…ect, find really great & unique wedding stuff that ANYONE can afford. There are so many blogs that only seem to promote “high-end” dresses & such. And don’t get me wrong, I Loooove looking at & reading about it ALL 🙂 SO pretty! But, sometimes it’s really nice (and fun!) to find those pretties and actually be able to BUY them! So, without further ado, I bring to you today 5 Wedding Invitation Websites that are defintely worth checking out!



I personally love this site. They have ANYTHING you could possibly need Stationary-wise. Not just for weddings either. They also have a huge selection and in every color of the rainbow. Almost every invite comes in every color they have. And one of the Best things is the personaliztion process they have! It’s actually fun! (at least I think so lol) to change the colors and fonts on the invites to see what different looks come out~ lol. Plus, the prices aren’t out of this world either! I just don’t think your invites should cost more than your mortage payments, right??

2. Ann’s Bridal Bargains ~

This site is really awesome. They have so many quality invites and on-trend styles, colors, ect. That I have hard time calling it a “discount” site. And if you’ll look on the top of their page, you will see a tab for another great invite website.

3. Invitations by Dawn ~

Owned by the same company as Ann’s, but just a step up in, oh let’s call it, fancy-ness. They have more choices as far as letterpress, foil-stamped invites, ect. But also note, it is a step up in price too. But nothing outrageous, for what they offer, the price is Very hard to beat!

4. Invitations by David’s Bridal ~
I know David’s Bridal is kind of thought as a “Cookie-Cutter, Discount” bridal store. But I tell you what, don’t judge a cookie by it’s sprinkles! This site is fab & gorg and every kind of adjective for awesome. The colors are just spectacular! Aaaand, it’s affordable, Bounus! Can we say Lay-A-Way?! Yep! They’ve got it, and it doesn’t hurt that they have stores all over the USA if you don’t like ordering things online.

5. ~
This site is so totally awesome! Especially if you want to customize and/or create one-of-a-kind invites. You don’t have to be an artist to do it either! The main reason I love this site is the easy as pie, user-friendly interface. Plus, their selection is practically infinite, new stuff everday.Customize your invites from Templates, or start totally from scratch, your choice. You can also print them yourself, or have them do it. They even have recycled unbleached paper as a choice. I actually discovered I have a knack for digital art from playing around on this site! 🙂

So, there you have it. My picks for the best invite sites for 2015. Wow, can’t believe I’m at the end of my 1st post! I really hope you all find it helpful! Do you agree with my choices? Is there a site you think I totally overlooked? Let me know in the comments! Hope you have a gorgeous day. And don’t forget to put a little “Dapper” into your everyday~ 😉
❤ Lorie Lee ❤

Jan. 27th ~ Update:
Hello all! I wanted to do this lil update because I did leave out a invitation site I really like. It’s called ~
They have really great stationary for all your needs. And they live up to their name as well. You might wonder why I didn’t include them before? This was because I had honestly forgot to lol. I also did not include some bigger name sites that I Love simply ’cause of their higher prices. I hope y’all have a gorgeous day! 🙂
❤ Lorie Lee ❤